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Estate Jewelry – Deal or No Deal? How to Approach/Find Good Buys

The delicate touch of sophistication and the status that a woman gets from jewelry and how much is she willing to pay to have that is the core of the jewelry business. Be it the cheap multicolored plastic bangles or diamond studded earrings, every woman is fascinated with some jewel or the other.

However, there is no comparison with the level of fascination attached to the fine estate jewelry. Not only is it symbolized by the pinnacle of status and prices, but also of sentiments, intrigue and

history. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie both wrote many famous novels and stories about sleuths for tracking down legendary diamonds and estate jewelry.

Estate Jewelry is just pre-owned jewelry in simple terms. This does not devalue it by any means. Several diamonds can be found in the rough (pun not intended) among estate jewelry.

Think of a stunning pair of sapphire and diamond Buccellati earrings having a brilliant fire, or a graceful geometric H Stern bracelet having small diamonds lightly dusted over it. Or if you have bolder taste, imagine a David Webb cocktail featuring diamond, jade, gold, and coral or a gorgeous diamond brooch by Tiffany & Co. The individual eras and styles and designers add their unique flair to the beautiful wearable art pieces.

Each piece of estate jewelry, be it a pendant, ring or a bracelet, is compiled by hours of sweating, labor, cutting, sawing, casting, polishing, collecting, rasping, and setting. Every diamond goes through careful mining, washing, analyzing, cutting analyzing again, selling, setting in the jewelry and selling again.

Every piece of estate jewelry has been dealt by artists, high-end appraisers, businessmen and history in its backdrop. Indeed it is a piece of art that you can wear, touch, and cherish.

Looking for diamond jewelry in second hand is the option that smart people seek while considering a diamond purchase. The motive may be their interest in the articles of jewelry that are being passed on from generations or maybe to find the best value on their money by finding good buys in second hand.

For any reason, people aspiring to buy estate jewelry often ponder if they will be able to acquire a top-notch quality piece of jewelry at the best possible price or not.

diamond jewelry breasts

Estate Sales

Where to go for getting good pieces of estate jewelry? The answer would be at an estate sale. No, it is not a yard sale or a flea market. Estate sales are when the owner of valuable possessions, tries to sell off their valuables as soon as possible at the best possible prices they can get.

Almost always, such estate sales are carried out by professional. Most of the good buys are generally sold by the time an average fellow hears about or reaches to one of such estate sales. Moreover, an inexperienced person will be unable to tell the difference about which stuff is worth purchasing and which ones are no use for money.

Buying a Quality Diamond in the Second Hand Market

Unless you are a trained gemologist, it will be very tricky for you to know what you are getting when buying estate diamond jewelry. However, that does not mean that you should shy away from buying diamonds for only that reason.

You can hold the possession of a wonderful heirloom by buying a worthy estate diamond jewelry. With the right ways, it is highly possible for you to purchase quality diamond jewelry even in the second hand market. Here are some valuable tips for you to keep n mind for finding good buys in the estate jewelry:

Research your Options

First of all, research your options thoroughly if you are intending to buy some jewelry from an estate sale. Many offers at the several estate sales might peak your interest.

Do not settle on the first diamond jewelry article that you come across on the fist estate sale you go to. Look around, and carry out independent research, it will enable you to find the best buy for you.

Take a Professional Appraiser/Gemologist’s Advice

Before making a purchase from an estate sale, be sure to get that piece appraised by a professional gemologist. This way, you will be much more assured that what you are purchasing is good quality artwork and worthy of your money. Be sure that your appraiser is a professional and reputable so you can get the right advice to make a wise purchase decision.

Educate Yourself with Diamond Knowledge

Most importantly, increase your personal knowledge about diamonds, their quality and types. You can easily find useful resources on the internet as well as through books on the topic of diamonds and estate jewelry.

Get a good feel of what are the good characteristics of a quality gemstone and what are not. Simply reading will not make you an expert on this subject but you will get the necessary knowledge to help you in your search of a good piece of diamond estate jewelry. Develop the know-how of the 4C’s of diamonds. Did you know that fluorescence is the phenomenon displayed by diamonds under UV lighting which turns them blue.

One good start is to equip yourself with knowledge about jewelry designers and their hallmarks. This can be symbols, numbers, or signatures stamped on the underside or the insides of your jewelry. A general know how of the worth and background heritage of the jewelry is good.

This will enable you to identify the material, the history, and the worth of any estate jewelry item you see. For example whenever you hear 750, you would know it is 18K gold. The designers sometimes mark 18K in their pieces and sometimes they don’t.

Similarly, you will know it is sterling silver if they call it 925. If you know the general net weight in carats for a jewelry item having diamond mounted in it, you will have an idea about the actual worth of the piece.

Some collectors just love to peruse estate sales, find good items, and get the jewelry appraised. Others just wish to land on a worthwhile piece of jewelry and avoid the risk of paying huge money for a virtually worthless item.

If you are one of the latter, your best bet is to purchase from a reputable dealer in the diamond jewelry business. Look for someone who deals in estate jewelry in particular. They buy and sell in estate jewelry only, meaning they can easily judge the quality and value of any piece by just looking at it on the spot.

If someone only sells jewelry, they will try their best to make the most money for anything. If a dealer buys too; they definitely have in-depth knowledge of diamonds and estate jewelry.

An example of estate jewelry dealer can be OakGem. You can also buy and sell second hand jewelry from The Three graces.

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. Estate jewelry just adds to the sophistication and value embedded in any of the pieces. It brings a level of satisfaction and pride to the wearer. People collect estate jewelry as a piece of art.

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