Welcome to the collectors’ arena of Chinese Cultural Revolution collectibles! If you are new to CR stuff, I trust you will be able to get a better picture of what the Chinese people lived with during that period after seeing what I present here at my site.

I am not a history teller but am trying to show you some evidences of Chinese history with some of the wonderful artworks created by the Chinese people while they were in their rough times.

Having been obsessed by CR history and the collecting of its relics for over a decade, it has come to a point for me to conclude my own collection.

Over 4,000 titles of Chinese propaganda posters from the 40’s to 80’s, thousands of CR publications, real photos, ceramics, plaques, statues etc. have occupied most of my living space. I think I better hurry in doing some documentary of my collection before the Red Guards knock my door!

Ever since I have my internet homepage on CR relics, I have been using the name ‘Culturegems’. This chosen name reflects that my collection is pinpointed at cultural and artistic aspects. I did not chose a domain name using key words like MAO, POSTER, PROPAGANDA, MAOISM etc. because strictly speaking, I am not a fans of Mao. What fancied me and invited me to the collecting world of CR relics is mostly the striking, exaggerating, cracky and sometimes hilarious ‘artworks’ done the mass during their rough times.

From time to time, my poster friends all over the world and I will exchange photos of our newly acquired precious for sharing and comments. By this way, we have broadened our knowledge on CR relics.

A stand-alone poster can be described as ‘good’, ‘nice’, ‘attractive’, ‘rare’, ‘good for display and home decoration’. But to make it a worth collecting piece, you must identify the meaning, content and context of it and fits it into its historical background. To establish a quality collection of CR posters, you need not just $$$ but life long perseverance. Yes, life long.

My poster collection may have covered most of the big movements and events during the CR period but it’s still far from complete. There are still many nice items that I want to add to my collection. Nevertheless, due to financial and other personal constraints, I am forced to trim down my collection.

All my close poster friends know that I am very picky/selective in choosing the right new owner when I am letting go more important items. It’s all because I want to ensure that such precious relics will not become a mere house decoration item.

As I always emphasize, I am a collector instead of a dealer. I am only selling for the sake of supporting my collecting hobby. And for those who have no clues to find authentic CR relics, I am always here to help.

The road of collecting is not easy especially for a not wealthy white collar like me. But I do enjoy my voyage in searching for the best and am willing to share the fruits with other collectors……


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